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Personal Works

Motion Graphics & Experimental Typography
Motion & Experimental
Avantika Jain-Kinetic Typography-AFX-Ron Swanson.jpg
Ron Swanson: Kinetic Typography

Utilising a monologue of a beloved character and shaping it into a motion graphics artwork, create a branded kinetic typography project exercising the principles of animation and After Effects.

Flexibility: Experimental Posters

Poster series created with an experimental technique and design process to capture the subconscious perceptions of human beings beginning this journey with Polish poetry and its language/character structures.

Ex Machina: A Type Case Study

Storytelling, creation of concepts through observation and experimentation, and adding cinematic visualisation for effect. This journey from concept to execution built
on craft work with different materials led to some beautiful typescapes.

Print Design
Canon CSR Report Redesign

Rebrand and redesign the Canon CSR report. The concept centers around the smallest measure of a photography - the pixel. Re-established type hierarchy, colours, images, and a strong brand for better information digestion.

Gotham: A Case Study

Examine and create a case study to better understand the construction of the typeface: Gotham. An geometric typeface that has been used untangle the complexities of Information Anxiety (Richard Saul Wurman).

Yayoi Kusama

Create a book cover and interiors for the works of an artist that inspires you and your perception of the human experience. Yayoi Kusama inspired this short and creative process.

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