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Ex Machina: A Type Case Study


Create a series of posters through conceptual experimenting of philosophical ideas through a deeper understanding of the typeface Century Gothic's form and flow. Using two characters, create a narrative that eventually leads you to create motion film posters.

Process Description

Picking the characters “O” and “V” connected the idea of contrast for me within language and semantics. The form of the characters are rounded (soft) and pointed (sharp) respectively, which helped me create a story that lead to a series of experiments with paper, ink, frozen gel, dye colour and LED matrix lights.

In the process, I researched and reflected on the dichotomy of human behaviour and our own hypocrisies.


After further reflection, I decided to choose the motion film - Ex Machina - to help showcase polar-opposite interactions humans have with technology. As a species, humans are prideful and excited by their progress within technology as long as it is on their terms. Humans can also change their demeanor to a "sharper" one when technology threatens human life itself. This contrast is what I found most fascinating in this process while leaving room for creative expression.

All Poster Mockup.jpg
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