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Canon CSR Report


To study, understand ,and design a company’s Annual or Corporate Responsibility report utilizing data visualization methods, hierarchy of information, and creating a nuanced look that goes with the company’s ethos and mission.

Process Description

Canon is the company I chose to work with for this project. Being a big company that focuses on selling printers and camera’s, I chose to use pixels as the concept that summed up both those products well. Pixels are the unit used for resolution of the image as well as for print.


The original report had issues with pacing, hierarchy and delivery of information. It was a challenge to overcome these problems, create a system that communicated information concisely and formally (headings, subheadings, body text, and captions), created infographics based on the style guide to represent visual data, and edited imagery to keep the layouts visually cohesive with the system and provide aesthetically pleasing compositions for the new report.

Interior 3.png
Interior 1.png
Interior 4.png
Interior 12.png
Interior 22.png
Interior 20.png
Interior 13.png
Interior 21.png
Interior 15.png
Interior 11.png
Interior 2.png
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