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Gotham: A Type Study

About the Project

A type specimen study that gives an understanding of a typeface by accentuating it’s characteristics, legibility at various point sizes, hierarchy in displaying information and overall intent for look and feel of the typeface.


Gotham was the typeface I chose to study. This rounded typeface, as simple as it seems, had incredible potential to experiment with as a type specimen.


To illustrate the characteristics of this typeface, I extended my study with a concept based on one of Richard Saul Wurman’s best books — Information Anxiety.

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The LATCH concept by Richard Saul Wurman categorizes information based on its Location, Alphabet, Time, Category, and Hierarchy to help individuals cope with information anxiety.

This information categorization system assisted in the development of a logical and pragmatic design concept that marries the typeface with a meaningful solution of portraying its use to sort out chaotic data into digestible information.

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