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Ron Swanson: Kinetic Typography


Create a kinetic typography video utilizing design principles; specific restrictions like a single typeface and one color; and use these elements to build character through the use of voice and visual elements.


The clip I chose was of Ron Swanson, a character from the TV show Parks and Recreation. His character is incredibly masculine, political views lean towards libertarianism, and is a true patriot of the United States. The typeface picked is a slab serif due to its affiliation with American Westerns and woodblock type posters, capturing Ron Swanson's idiosyncrasies.



To get the essence of the show and character, I started with some research and created a mood board capturing the colour's, themes, typography, and imagery for Ron Swanson.

Mood Board_Artboard 1.png

Style Frames

Utilising the colour schemes and textures created through this mood board, I proceeded to design style frames that created depth through speckled backgrounds reminiscent of the woodblock print posters of the American West and added character through rugged typefaces to construct the overall look of the video. The creative brief for the look had restrictions - one type family and three colors of which two were given to us — Black and White.

The essence of the character is captured by his clothing, specific to an episode and an inside joke within the series, where he wears a red shirt as a dead giveaway of his sexual endeavors from the previous night. The color has a big role to play in showcasing his manly demeanor as well as a revelation of what is happening in his life.

Final Video

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