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[ Objective ]

Redesign a coffee table book by creating a visual system for it that consists of levels in hierarchy of information, better understanding of content, and use of subtle visual elements.

[ Description ]

This project, done in my second semester, helped in understanding the use of the principles of design across pages for a book to create a cohesive system. Yayoi Kusama’s book was a challenge since her preferred choice of element are dots. I chose lines as a visual element to create movement on the page that subtly navigates the viewer across the levels of information as intended. Kusama’s artwork and images helped me work with scale, hierarchy, motion and movement along with negative space to make interesting compositions as opposed to the original book.

Cover 1_no BG.png
int5 copy.png
int3 copy.png
int9 copy.png
int8 copy.png
int6_2 copy.png
int2 copy.png
int4_2 copy.png
int1 copy.png
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