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About the Project

Redesign a coffee table book by creating a visual system for it that consists of levels in hierarchy of information, better understanding of content, and use of subtle visual elements.


This project facilitated the understanding of design principles applied consistently as a system to create a cohesive brand. Yayoi Kusama’s heavy use of dots as a motif in her work posed a design challenge to create a system that emphasizes her work without overpowering it.


To solve this visual challenge, the application of elements like subtle vertical and horizontal lines was established. This simplified the navigation on each page, keeping in mind the user's journey through the books contents and visual hierarchy. The lines functioned as a guide on how to navigate through a page and creates a sense of movement without words or assistance.


Kusama’s art and portrait shots assisted in the overall understanding of the use of scale, hierarchy, motion and movement along with negative space to create playful compositions.

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