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[ Objective ]

Find an advertisement on the streets of San Francisco, distill its information and revamp it by creating a system that can be used over different media for the purpose of generating interest and awareness.

[ Description ]

The system I created for this project was based on a flyer about a home tutor looking to help children with special needs, her focus being on english and math tutoring. The approach taken for this project was based on the unconventional methods teachers take to make learning more enjoyable and engaging for kids. The elements and colors were all picked to show the idea of progression and an upward trend in learning while keeping a positive outlook all done in the comfort of the child’s home. The deliverables for the project were selected in accordance to the needs of the subject:  posters,   booklet for handing out and website for mass audiences.

Square Booklet Mockup.jpg
Interior 9.jpg
Interior 6.jpg
Interior 7.jpg
Interior 1.jpg
Interior 8.jpg
Interior 2.jpg
Interior 3.jpg
Interior 4.jpg
Interior 5.jpg
imac 01.jpg
imac 03.jpg
imac 02.jpg
imac 04.jpg
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