[ Objective ]

Rebrand a conference that has already taken place with the intention to improve overall awareness and attendance. Introduce way-finding, navigational design and various materials needed to host a conference.

[ Description ]

The Off Grid was hosted in Australia and New Zealand to help disconnect from the world and immerse oneself within this design utopia. The conference emphasized on experiential design and travel between
various cities.

Experiential design is a broad concept that utilizes the use of all our senses to experience design.


Keeping in mind this thought, I progressed by creating an organized way of design that focuses on an experiential journey connecting people to place, all while keeping them engrossed on their design getaway. The elements and imagery used for the overall design concepts subtly hint at a mysterious path waiting to be unraveled with the conference. This project included a redesign exercise that would span across posters, websites, apps, program booklets, name tags and signage keeping a consistent visual system for all.

Poster Mockup Subway.jpg
Signage 2.jpg
Signage 3.png
Program Leaf 02.png
Screen 01.png
Screen 03.png
Screen 02.png
Screen 04.png