[ Objective ]
Create a Kinetic Typography piece by using style frames, one typeface and only 3 colors to capture the characteristic of the clip of your choosing.

[ Description ]
The clip I chose was of Ron Swanson, a character of a TV show called Parks and Recreation. The character is incredibly masculine and a patriot of the United States. The essence of the character is captured by his clothing specific to an episode and joke within the series. The typeface picked is a slab serif emphasizing the American side of his personality. 

[ Process ]
Starting with a mood board that helps understand the character and essence of Ron Swanson.

[ Process ]
Creating style frames was the next challenge. The creative brief for the look of the video had restrictions like the utilization of one type family and only three colors of which two were given to us — Black and White. I picked a warm color leaning towards red since the character is seen wearing that color. The story behind this is that his red shirt is a tell sign of him spending a night with a woman. The color has a big role to play in showcasing his manly demeanor as well as a revelation.

Finally, the video!

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