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I'm Avantika



I’m a New Delhi-based UX/UI designer with a passion for problem-solving through print
and digital media.

With a background in graphic design, UX/UI design, and front end development, I am excited
to embark on a new journey with these powerful skills under my belt for creating meaningful solution-oriented design, and collaborate with people and companies looking to make a positive impact in our communities.



User Experience and Interface Design
Catharsis Film Streaming App

A native streaming app, for Android and iOS platforms, that curates movies of various genres from around the globe. An added feature for cinema lovers and artists, alike, is the colour palette generator that utilises experimental user experience flows for creating colourscape libraries.

Quiet Carpenter Responsive App

A responsive e-commerce app that assists users in creating a beautiful space at home and enter an immersive space online to find what they need.

Verve: Kitchen Aid App

A responsive web-app to guide user’s through their grocery, prepping, and cooking experience with personalized recipes, filters, and grocery tracking features.

Graphic and Brand Design
Graphic & Brand
Blackberry: A Redesign

Rebrand and redesign a brand that was bankrupt, defunded, or defunct. Going over the process of redesign, map out a viable strategy and partnership plans for the new brand.

Nikommo: Sustainable Cosmetics

Nikommo provides sustainable, alternative design solutions to create an environmentally conscious brand, re-imagines interiors of shops or department stores, and imbibes the soul of native Wampanoag nature spirits as a brands guiding light.

Off Grid: An Experiential Journey

Way-finding design and experiential travel at a design conference in Wellington, New Zealand called Off Grid. Redesign the branding and other conference materials for the upcoming visitors to experience design and New Zealand with sensory zest!

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